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Spring term P.E. provision

For the full government guidelines on P.E provision within key stage 1&2 in schools, please click here.


Here at Wembury, we are very keen to promote healthy living and do all we can to inspire a love for sport and fitness within our children that we hope they will take with them throughout their lives. We try and offer as many in school sporting opportunities as we can while using many different outside sport providers to introduce a wide range of sport and activities ensuring a professional, inclusive delivery of P.E.


Please find below a full list of how we are meeting the requirements for P.E provision for the Spring term 2017.


We began the term with a new activity for our year 1 class, Balance ability. These sessions ran over two days and were provided by Plymouth schools sports partnership (PSSP). Great fun was had by all the children while they were taught how to gain and control their balance on balance bikes and manoeuvre safely around obstacles giving them a confidence to progress onto riding their bikes safely and instilling a love for cycling in the future.


We continue to work closely with the PSSP supporting and attending many of their fantastic sporting events that they organize and provide, they are an incredibly valuable resource for Plymouth schools and we are very lucky to have them. For all information on what the PSSP has to offer please follow the link.  


We are continuing to offer specialist P.E teaching within four of our year groups provided by Mrs Jan Walpole from PSSP. The focus areas for her lessons this term are;


EYFS - Gymnastics/Competition

Year 3 - Hockey/Gymnastics

Year 4 - Gymnastics/ X country

Year 6 - Gymnastics/ Orienteering/X country

Mrs Waplole is also providing our teaching staff with a number of CPD sessions helping us to develop our professional delivery of PE within school.  


Year 5 will be focusing on Hockey for this half term with their P.E learning provided by their class teacher, as well as taking advantage of the extra opportunities they have available to them.


Year 2 have a number of new opportunities being offered to them this term, please see below for more information. 


On Tuesday 24th January, year groups from year 2 and upwards had a visit from Greg Regan from

Ryu Ju Jutsu. The aim of this day was to introduce our children to the art of self-defense and encourage them to try another new sport, this time from the world of Martial arts. This is an annual event that we offer and the children all really enjoy their session on the mats learning simple self-defense techniques that we hope they can take with them throughout their lives. Martial arts are a fantastic way for children to work really hard, keep incredible fit and learn the importance of respect through sport.


For more information on how you can get involved in Ryu Jutsu and classes they have available, please follow the link.   


We are very pleased to introduce the Plymouth Argyle primary stars project this Spring term.

They will be working in year 1 & year 4 over the first half of this term and then with EYFS and year 2 after the half term break. This is an exciting new initiative where professionals from Plymouth Argyle work with our children on a number of different sports and activities while providing CPD opportunities for our teaching staff increasing their knowledge and confidence in the teaching of P.E. They have a large focus on inspiring healthy life styles and encouraging and explaining to children how to make healthy choices and the importance of this.


For more information on what they have to offer, please follow the link.        


The second half of this term brings another exciting opportunity for our year 2 & year 4 classes. This time provided by a representative from Devon Cricket. Alex Jopling will be attending school on Friday mornings offering specialist cricket coaching, introducing the children to the game, teaching them the skills involved and hopefully inspiring them to try yet another new sport. There is the intent of organizing an inter school cricket tournament later in the year and providing an after school cricket club to begin in September. Details of these will follow when finalized. We are looking forward to these sessions and inspiring a new generation of England cricketers.


For more information on what Devon Cricket can offer, please follow the link.    


Our year 5 & 6 classes are being given an exciting new introduction to the fast and skillful game of Lacrosse this term. A representative from Plymouth Lacrosse is working within these classes on Friday afternoons this half term and so far the children have really enjoyed these sessions, it has certainly introduced all children to a completely new sport that no one had experienced before. 


For more information on Lacrosse in Plymouth please follow the link.


That concludes the timetable of curricular PE provision for this term.


For our extra curricular clubs and sporting news and achievements you can follow the regular updates on our News page and check out the lunch time and after school clubs link.


We hope you have found this informative and that you will continue to support us in our commitment to sport and healthy living. 

Please ensure that your children have the correct PE kit in school at all times, outdoor trainers for outdoor activities and that earrings can be easily removed or that you provide your child with tape to cover their earrings during sporting activities.  


Thank you for your continued support.

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