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Super Science week for year 6

As you can see from the photographs, British Science Week was off to a great start on Monday with some fantastic ‘mad scientists’. Well done to Paul and Alana for winning the prize for best costumes in the class. Other highlights have included the ‘elephant toothpaste’ experiment and making lava lamps, using simple household ingredients! Well done to Mr Clarke for embracing Science week too! He came in (in full mad scientist attire) and gave an interesting and informative presentation to the class, all about the human skeleton. Children joined in enthusiastically and posed some fantastic questions. There have been more links to Science through English and PE. Children have learned about different types of exercise and how they can benefit us; they have explored the impact of aerobic exercise on heart rate. We are really looking forward to hearing about the experiments children have carried out at home.

With Science week coming to an end we had one last explosive suprise for the lucky year 5 & 6s today. 

A visit from secondary science teacher Mrs Riley brought bangs, rocket launchers, exploding jelly babies and lots of excitement as she showcased a range of experiments in the school hall.

The children were shown how potassium chloride when heated reacts with the sugar in the jelly baby to create an amazing result, and how heating the oxygen around a hydrogen filled balloon can cause an almighty bang aswell as other exciting experiments.

I think we can safely safe that this has added a new fuel to the already burning scientific minds around our school this week. A fantastic display proving that science definitely rocks!  

Some of our class learning about area and perimeter through bubbles at Plymouth University

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