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Tag Rugby Tournament Sept 2019

The sun was shining at Plymouth Albion today as teams of primary school children from around Plymouth arrived to celebrate the opening of the Rugby World Cup in the best possible way - a Tag Rugby Tournament. 


Schools were allocated a participating country to adopt and tasked with designing a kit for the day beforehand. 

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, Wembury year 6 got stuck right in. We were given France as our country, linking that to our MFL learning and  DT project, we asked the children to design a French themed kit that we would be able to all produce and wear and a French sporting chant was learnt by the class. 


Over the last two weeks, coaches from Plymouth Argyle have been delivering tag rugby to the class as a warm up and from this a team was chosen to attend the event; and what a team it was!


The team competed in 5 matches within their group winning 4 out of 5. They played beautifully together. They were fast on their feet and accurate with their passing, driving the game forwards and keeping their line tight. I was incredibly proud of the way they worked together as a team and the effort shown by each and every one against some tough competition. Especially when we even fit in a little maths lesson in a break!


As if it wasn't enough to be so successful in their games, they were also awarded a 'Best dressed Team' award for their fantastic kit earning the school a coaching day provided by Plymouth Albion - well done to our fabulous team, what a way to start the year. Go Wembury and Vive La France! 



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