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The Battle of Britain

In History, the children have been exploring the following key question: 'Why was winning The Battle of Britain so important in 1940?  They debated, analysed historical sources, researched and watched videos to support them in reaching an understanding and were just so enthusiastic.  We were very privileged to have our lovely visitor  Shirley in to tell us all about her experiences of being evacuated from London in the Second World War as a child.  Many thanks to Shirley (photos below) and to Ava and Ava's mum for organising this visit.  The children were fascinated, asked lots of excellent questions and really benefitted from the experience. The children also wrote some exemplary explanations in response to the question: 'Why did the United Kingdom win The Battle of Britain?  We were so impressed with their mature conclusions, their ability to structure their writing so well and the super engagement. Why not have a look at the photos of the children sharing their learning with each other?


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