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The Power of Twitter

As the school has been using Twitter for over 2 months now, we have really been able to see the benefits of this social network. One of the reasons we joined Twitter was to celebrate some of our children's achievements. Recently, we shared Grace's writing on Twitter. Ros Wilson - Education Consultant and creator of Big Writing, saw Grace's writing and retweeted it on Twitter. Lots of people 'liked' Grace's piece of writing and it was great to see her gain this recognition after her effort she made. This is a great example of the power of Twitter. We would encourage parents to join Twitter and 'follow' us if you aren't already doing so. Well done Grace!


Below is a link to our Twitter page where you will be able to find Grace's writing and the praise she received from Ros Wilson as well as Grace's writing - a first draft of a story about life for children during the Victorian times.

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