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Twinning association with Locmaria-Plouzane in France

The Parish of Wembury (including Heybrook Bay and Down Thomas) has been twinned with the commune of Locmaria-Plouzané in Britanny since 1981.  The charter which was signed at that time is displayed in the Knighton room in Wembury Village Hall.  Locmaria-Plouzané has nearly doubled in population since 1981 and now has nearly 5000 inhabitants.  It is located in the Finistère department of Brittany, about 12 miles from Brest and 50 miles from Roscoff.  Since the charter was signed links between the two communities have taken many forms and have involved at various times- adult education, the primary schools, the youth clubs, the football teams, children’s exchange visits and especially adult exchange visits which have taken place annually and have led to many close individual friendships between members of the two communities.  In the past the Wembury Parish Twinning Association (WPTA), formed with the objective of strengthening ties between the two communities, has played a key role in promoting these activities. 

Anybody who is interested in the Association or links with Locmaria- Plouzané can contact the current chair Ian Dennis (

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