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Thank you to all those that attended and helped at the Summer Fayre, it is events like these that allow FROWS to support the Children and the School.




You can make money for FroWS by just SHOPPING!!!!!!!


FroWS have signed up to Easyfundraising. Whenever you shop online the school will receive cash back.


For this initiative, we aren't asking you to bake cakes, or put your hand in your pocket to send your children to the disco, this is fundraising at its best, you carry on with your normal life shopping on line!


All you have to do is visit:


Register your details and then visit the 1000's of websites available, anything from Amazon to Clarks, from Tesco to Argos and Etsy to eBay. There are even insurance companies, Brittany Ferries, Domino's Pizza and many more available.


Providing you click through from easyfundraiser site to the retailer, and purchase items, we will receive cash back from anything like 0.5% to 9% currently on some Groupon deals.


It also provides the service that if you forget to go to easyfundraising first and go straight to the shopping site (e.g. Amazon) it will remind you to donate the cash back to Easyfundraising and Friends of Wembury School.

There is even an app for all types of Smart Phone.



We have also registered with Stamptastic which sells lots of way to label your things!


We have a cashback code of: PL90EB


The code is now active we can start benefitting, if you order any labels from them.


The cash back tier for us is currently 30%, please go to:


Stamptastic has recently handed out commission of nearly £10,000 to PTA's and this year have decided to make it even more exciting! Every PTA that raises over £50 in commission (that's an average of just 11 or 8 orders) by January 31st 2018, will be entered in a PRIZE DRAW to WIN a £500 voucher!! - So we need to get ordering!!!!!


If you can provide any support to any of these functions, even for just an hour, please let anyone listed on the FroWs page know and they will be able to provide additional information.



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