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Week 3

Dear everyone,


Many thanks for sending so many photos of your learning at home and for keeping in touch.  It is so important to know that everyone is safe and the Year 2 Home Learning page is a great place to share what we have all been up to.

A special shout out to Isaac, Lizzie, Flynn, Jo, Pip, Dexter, Nathan, Logan, Harry, William and Tommy who have been keeping up with their reading on Bug Club.  Welll done!

As we are starting our fifth week of Lockdown, you might find that the novelty has worn off and that everyone in the house is in need of structure and routine and that some of you might start to become worried and anxious.  You will find below a link with guidance and support documents on supporting children with the Coronavirus pandemic. We hope you will find this helpful.

The Home Learning Overview document will keep the same structure so that it is easier for you each week to familiarise yourselves with the resources we use for online learning. These are activities that we recommend in order for your child to practise key skills in the core areas of learning.  Again, please feel reassured that it is understood that each family will adapt their Home Learning routine to their own circumstances and that we understand that well-being is the main priority at this time.


I look forward to hearing from you all and to seeing more of your lovely home projects.


Best wishes


Miss Kernevez

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