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Whacky Week of Science Starts

We have had a fantastic start to Science Week. 

So far on Monday:

Before break, we looked at how red cabbage water can be used to test for acids and alkali. 

We also witnessed the bubbling reaction that occurs when some acids and alkali meet. This resulted in the liquid returning to a more purple colour meaning it had become a more neutral liquid again.


After break, Mr Clarke - very kindly - came to share his detailed knowledge of the human body, paying particular attention to the skeletal system. He was very impressed with the children's knowledge about the digestive system and complemented their enthusiasm and concentration. 



After lunch, we explored (as part of our current topic on States of Matter) the melting point of chocolate and discovered at which temperature it is best used to create chocolate cereal cakes. Of course, we will enjoy exploring how they taste, too.



 We have made many of the Year 4's dreams come true today. We tried the Mentos and cola experiment. The children were very excited and ken to be involved.

It was great foamy fun!

Monday - Red Cabbage PH Test

Monday - Mr Clarke's Biology Talk

Monday - Melting Madness

Tuesday - Cola and Mentos

Tuesday - Cola and Mentos

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Some of our class at Plymouth University learning about area and perimeter through bubbles

Learning for Life