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Year 6 - Starfish

Wishing you a very happy Easter Year 6. We will be in touch after the Easter weekend but if anybody has any questions or would like some help with anything, please let us know through the contact form below.  Keep those photos coming in (they are in the rainbow below)! We are missing you but hope that you are keeping in touch with each other via the miracles of technology. Keep safe.  

Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs.Durbauree, Mrs. Shepherd and Mrs. Kitchen.

Home Learning Summer Term

Summer Week 1 Home Learning: 14.4.20

Welcome back Year 6!  We hope that you had a lovely Easter. Have a look at the first week's learning for the Summer Term (see below). We are looking forward to seeing your learning photos and any other work you can send in. Take good care and 'Happy Learning'.

The Year 6 Team.


Dear Year 6

We hope that you are all enjoying this lovely weather and keeping well.  Thank you for all the photos of your learning and yourselves.  We love to see them so please keep sending them in.  If you need any help with any of your learning, please ask your parents to email us and we will help.  We are missing you all but so grateful that the sun is shining for you and continues to do so.

Be good - keep chilled and we look forward to when we can all catch up!

The Year 6 Team

Summer Week 3 Home Learning: 27.4.20

Wow Year 6.  We can't believe that we are now coming up to Week 3 of our Summer Term.  We hope that you and your families are well and we are still missing you all. Thank you so much for all the photos of Home Learning that you have sent in-please check the rainbow folder below to see them.  It is so nice to see so many more children reading books and taking quizzes on Bug Club and Accelerated Reader.  It is so important to keep reading.  Please ask your parents to let us know through the contact form (below) when you have finished your CGP books - it would be great to have these all finished over the next few weeks!  Take a look at the history challenge around The Lost City of Atlantis on the learning overview (above) and the new 'Talk for Writing' units and activities for you to complete daily (again details are  on the learning overview above). Don't forget to send photos of your models, art, writing etc. that come from any learning. Do you remember playing the 'Glad Game' Year 6? Here are some of ours...

We are glad that:

  • we teach wonderful, creative children
  • that the sun has shone for so many days!
  • that we have wonderful families and friends

Keep Safe and keep in touch!

Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs.Durbauree, Mrs. Shepherd and Mrs. Kitchen.



Dear Year 6

Project and CGP Focus

We hope that you are all well and loved seeing your photos again.  We hope that you all got your letters from us.  If not, please ask your parents to check emails that we have sent via the school app.  If you can't see your letter, please ask parents to contact us through the contact form on the class web page (below)and we will see how we can get it to you. The key focus this week is to finish your CGP books and to do the project that we have set for you on the Home Learning Overview. We would love to see the outcomes from this project so please send any photos etc. Take good care of yourselves and have a happy week.

The Year 6 Team


Half Term: 25.5.20

No formal home-learning from school this week Year 6.  Play, read, enjoy the outdoors, have fun with your family.  Have a lovely break!

The Year 6 Team

Summer Week 7: 1.6.20

Welcome back Year 6.  We hope that you had a lovely half-term break. All of the resources that you need this week should be below.  We are hoping that you have finished your CGP revision books now so please complete more of the activities on the Summer Week 7 Overview. It would be fantastic to share your outcomes so please send them in - we've had some great projects from last half term and would love to see some more. If you need any help, please ask your parents to contact us through the contact form below. Take good care; we miss you all but have been so pleased to see all of your lovely photos. 

Have a great week!

Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Durbauree, Mrs. Shepherd and Mrs. Kitchen.

Summer Week 8 Home Learning and Welcome Back Videos WB: 8.6.20

Still image for this video

IMG_0464 3.mp4

Still image for this video

Summer Week 9 Home/School Learning Overview and Resources:15.6.20

Dear Year 6


Wow! What a fantastic week you had in school last week and what great home learning photos we have seen too.  It was so lovely  and you were all brilliant.  If you were unable to come into school just yet, don't worry as the same learning is all there on the Home/School Learning Overview for you to complete.  We would love you to  ask parents to keep sending your photos and any messages through the contact page or through so that we can all keep in touch and see how you are getting on, or can answer any queries you may have. 


You may have noticed that next to the Rainbow for Home Learning Photos there is now a star folder for school photos. We will try to put some in there every week.


We know that many of you will have started work on your transition activities that have been sent from your Secondary schools and we will be planning further transition learning with you over the next few weeks. 

This week's learning continues and completes the Harry Potter project and has a range of activities -some that you definitely need to have a go at (labelled home and school) and some that you can choose from. 

Please, please keep reading and completing your maths daily - this is so important for your overall learning and will give you a great start to Secondary. 


This week, there is  well-being journal for you to complete at the start and end of each day.  This will really help you to celebrate your many strengths and talents, to remember what an amazing world we live in and will also help you to think about anything you wish to discuss further with an adult.


Finally, Year 6, please take a look at the SMARRT poster which will help you to keep safe on line.

Take care, keep in touch and thank you for being a STAR CLASS! 

The Year 6 Team

Week 9 Video.mp4

Still image for this video

Summer Week 10: 22.6.20

Dear Year 6


We hope that you have had a lovely weekend.  It was brilliant to see so much superb descriptive writing last week  and such enthusiastic engagement, both at school and home, as well as seeing the great photos of your learning  -  and managing to chat to some of you too! 


Reading and Action Aid Rainforest Discovery Day

Several children received awards for their super quizzing on Accelerated Reader.  Please remember that you can quiz on many of your books from home and we love to see how you are progressing with your reading. There is a great reading comprehension for you this week, based around the rainforest, which links brilliantly to National Rainforest Day (22nd June) and the Action Aid Rainforest activities that we have sent for you to explore.


Transition Project

This week, we are beginning a transition project for  Year 6 which will last for 3-4 weeks and will help to prepare you for the changes ahead in Secondary. We think that you will love it! Details are on the Home/School Learning Overview (below) and the resources will be emailed directly to your parents.  The two sessions for this week will be taught in school.  If you are learning at home and cannot access a printer, there is an electronic copy of the workbook as well as the relevant powerpoints for the sessions.  Please make sure that you work on these sessions with an adult so that you can discuss the themes and your thoughts and feelings. 


Maths and Science

White Rose Maths continues as usual, with a focus on area and volume and your Science topic focuses on the effects of exercise on the human body, with an opportunity for you to start your very own exercise diary!


Have a wonderful week Year 6 and check out the overview and resources below.  We hope that you enjoy your learning, both at home and school. 


Take Care

The Year 6 Team

Week 11 Home/School Learning Overview: 29.6.20

Dear Year 6

It's been so lovely having so many of you in school. This week continues to focus on your transition from Wembury to Ks3.  The links to these transition resources are in the Home/School Overview (below) and all the other resources that you need for maths etc. are below.  Please can you make sure that on the days that you are not in school you complete the maths from White Rose, otherwise you will not be ready for your school lessons and that you also work on your reading at home every day. If you are unable to come in to school, please don't worry as you can complete all of the learning at home using the resources. Please let us know if you need any help through the contact page.  We love to hear from you.

Happy Learning Year 6.


The Year 6 Team


Summer Week 12: 6.7.20

Wow Year 6.  We can't believe that we are nearly at the end of the Summer Term! Thank you for all of your enthusiasm for learning.  This week, we continue with our transition focus and will be exploring topics such as 'Bouncebackability' and 'What is Normal Anyway?' Here is the website link for the powerpoints:

Please check out the HOME LEARNING OVERVIEW that is below to see the English challenges that run alongside these sessions.  This week's focus is on poetry and speech writing. These English tasks need to be completed at home please. As we have moved through this transition project, it is clear that the skills, knowledge and attitudes that we are exploring are useful for all of us, no matter what stage of our lives, or situations that we are in!  Reading Comprehension focuses on a classic: Alice Through the Looking Glass and Maths sees a reinforcement of our learning around 'angles'. 


'Connect with Clay'

In school, we continue to reflect on our memories, particularly of  our time at Wembury Primary School and, building on the autobiographical learning from the last two weeks, we will be expressing our memories, our stories, through Art.  We have been blessed to be working with an artist from Plymouth University on a 'Connecting with Clay' project and will be creating our own clay cylinders, 'marked' with our memories.  It is hoped that these beautiful cylinders will be exhibited in Plymouth in the Autumn term.  The children will be making short videos explaining the project and the process (for next year's children to use) as well as talking about their memories of Wembury Primary. If your child is not at school, please encourage him/her to make a short video expressing key memories of Wembury and send it through to us.  We are hoping to collate some of these into a presentation for the children to keep. Just like the 'bubbles', we are all individual and unique but can be connected to all the other bubbles - making up one big bubble!  This is how we see the cylinders and the videos too.


Have a wonderful week.  Please keep in touch. 

The Year 6 Team

Summer Week 13 Home Learning: 13.7.20

Welcome to the last week of the Summer Term Year 6!

The final  Home Learning Overview, Maths and the final Transition sessions are below. Don't forget to have a go at the 'Summer Challenge' (reading).

We will be creating a video which we will attach below to say goodbye to you wherever you are! Home or School. 

Happy Week 13!

Now ‘Be Awesome’ as you ‘Go Big’


The Year 6 Team

Year 6 Team

Please use this contact page for any questions concerning home learning only - thank you.

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